dinsdag 22 december 2009

Transport Quality Control

Transport Control

VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs continuously follows the exact process of containers, to check and improve the process and to avoid problems.
Here they program the temperature, air-ventilation and drains of the container in the harbour according to our instructions.Also the PTI label with date is checked.The truck driver of the container checks in the harbour if the empty container is clean and not older than 5 years. For insurance reasons the container must not be older than 5 years.

All three containers are ok. VWS prefers to transport 3 x 20ft container or one 20 ft + 1 40 ft container. This will cause less pollution to the environment.The container is placed on the truck with a small forklift.Some more containers to go. Here they are standing on power to check if the containers are okay.

Loading at VWS of 3 x 20 ft containers for Australia.
Before loading we check the label, the temperature, air-ventilation and drains according to our instructions.

7,2°C is the temperature in the container at the moment and 1,5°C is the installed temperature.In one 20 ft container we install two recorders and in a 40 ft container we install three. This is to check the temperature inside the container during the trip to its destination anywhere in the world.When all container settings are checked and when they are correct we load the container in the loading dock.

The container is back in the harbour.Ready to unload the truck, so the container can go on board. By cranes they lift the full containers and bring it to their place.

Time for transport. If everything is allright and checked the containers are transported by boat and air transport.

Quality Control

VWS, Quality control of our flowerbulbs

Right from the moment the flower bulbs are planted by the growers in Holland, we carefully monitor both the development and the quality of the bulbs. Upon arrival at our warehouse the bulbs are subjected to thorough testing. What’s more, in our greenhouses the development of the planted lots is registered in a professional way. After shipment of the bulbs, our responsibility does not end. In numerous visits to our B2B relations, we keep a sharp eye on quality.
Field Control

During cultivation the purchaser performs several inspections. He also checks the bulbs regularly during bloom and uprooting.
Entry Control and Stage control

All bulbs are checked at entry by our quality-control officer and purchaser. At entry and during preparation the stage of the bulb is monitored carefully.
Greenhouse control

On our grounds, you can find our greenhouse, where samples of every batch are planted. Several plantings are done. The sales manager, purchaser and quality-control officer conscientiously check all batches for growth and possible defects or diseases. We also test all new types for summer or winter blossoming. Finally the number of buds and their lengths are recorded. Because we want the best results for everyone, our suppliers and customers are regularly invited to visit our greenhouse.
Monitoring during storage and preparation

All storage rooms are connected to a computer system. In each storage room, we create a microclimate, and we personally and continually monitor such elements as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.
Exit control

Before the bulbs are shipped, they are checked once again for all possible aspects of quality, size of the lilium, tulip, iris, gladiol and more bulbs and corms, and quantity.
Control transport by container

To lower the transport costs (F.O.B. costs) weekly we transport 3 x 20ft container or 1 x 40ft container with one 20 ft at the same time from Broek op Langedijk to Rotterdam or Antwerp (Belgium) for export. An additional benefit is that there is less pollution of the environment.

Before loading the container we check if the container is not older than 5 years, has been set at the right temperature, if the drains are open, if the ventilation holes are set correctly and finally if the container is clean. All this is to be sure that the bulbs are being transported under the optimal circumstances.
After- sales service

We visit our customers regularly so that we can see for ourselves that the quality of the bulbs meets our standards. We also advise growers as much as possible about planting, assortment and marketing.

A satisfied customer is our highest aim!

More about VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs BV

VWS for reliable quality !

VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs BV from Holland, stands for reliable quality and is ISO-9001 certified. VWS is an B2B organization.

VWS is constantly improving its quality products, of which the specialties are export and import of liliums, tulips, gladioli and iris bulbs. For more than 35 years our team of specialists at VWS has ensured accurate, on-time delivery of a large assortment of high quality Fowerbulbs. Among these types of bulbs: Amaryllis, Freesia, Gladiol, Hyacinth, Iris Bulbs, Liatris, Lilium, Narcis, Tulip, Zantedeschia (Calla) and Lisianthus.

VWS also has a large assortment of Miscellaneous bulbs. Among these: Dahlia, Hosta, Allium, Anemone, Begonia, Hemerocallis, Krokus and Muscari.

VWS performs all treatments of the main flowerbulb products themselves. We test the high quality, brand name products in our greenhouse and plant samples of all bulb lots to be judged. Also we plant new varieties to check for compliance with our quality requirements
Our bulbs - which we can make blossom anywhere in the world, at any time - are exported to more than 60 countries. For all these reasons, VWS Flowerbulbs is an enterprising and dynamic company. You can be sure that VWS Flowerbulbs provides the best quality and best service, because...

A satisfied customer is our highest aim !