dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Newsletter 1 Januari 2010

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Newsletter Januari 1 2010

Newsletter 1 Januari 2010

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VWS welcomes you in 2010 !

First of all we would like to give you the best wishes for 2010.

In this letter:

VWS information
Latest Tulip News crop 2009/2010
Hanoi Flower Festiva 2009

Latest Lilium News crop 2009/2010
Latest Gladiol News crop 2010

Service and Quality

Lets make this year a successful year. Full of service and good products on a growing and healthy market. VWS is active in more than 60 countries and for almost 40 year !

Different cultures and circumstances asks for the best possible approach. Therefore VWS travels all over the world to gather information and see for themselves which differrent approaches are necesarry per location. Besides that VWS is testing more times in a year all the main products in our own test greenhouse.

These tests are necessary to improve and keep the best quality. If there are suppliers with bulbs, which are not suitable for the local circumstances, VWS will not deliver from that particular supplier.

Latest Tulip News

In the weeks before Christmas significantly more tulips have been sold through the auction in Holland. This larger supply in combination with the wintery weather in Europe caused an average tulip flower price far below the cost price. The price-making process in the period between Christmas and New Year was slightly better. As soon as the supermarkets start to sell the tulip flowers it is expected that prices will stabilize.

In our trial greenhouse more and more lots start to flower. The earliest plantings have already been in bloom and have shown a good result. All results from the trial plantings will be added to cultivar properties on our website.

Tulips, now flowering in our testgreenhouse. (04-01-2010)

Pictures Hanoi Flower Festival - Vietnam

One of our customers in Vietnam send us some pictures from our Tulip bulbs, which are shown during the Hanoi Flower Festival 2009.

Latest Lilium News

The nursery has been quiet between Christmas and New Year because most of the employees from f.e. Poland and Portugal spent the holidays at home. Nevertheless bulbs have been lifted at some places. The percentage of deliverable lily bulbs which are still in the soil amounts to 2 till 4%. The quality of these bulbs remains good.

Some growers have covered the soil with straw, but most of the fields are covered with a layer of snow which prevents the frost from getting deeper in the soil. The growers are now waiting for the thaw period to be able to dig up the bulbs.

Trade will resume this week, because the growers start again processing and delivering the bulbs they have still in stock.

Prices remain stable in the recent weeks and the demand for the better forcing assortment remains relatively high. Some trade has already been done in lily bulbs of crop 2010.

Latest Gladiol News

The gladioli corms have been lifted and the nursery is busy delivering the last corms.

Harvest is of good quality.

There is no clear picture in terms of supply, since not all the “club varieties” have been delivered yet.