woensdag 29 september 2010

Newsflash WK39 - latest news

Chrysal Pre-Treatment
We herewith would like to draw your attention ont the pre-treatments Chrysal BVB and – Chrysal BVB Plus to your flowers. By adding these products, you and your customers can be assured of a longer vase life and better quality of your lily, iris and tulip flowers, compared to the use of only clean water. By clicking the links above you can find the information sheets and timetable of this products.

The best way to see the difference is to experience it by yourself. In cooperation with Chrysal we received samples of their lily food. You can bunch this lily food together with your flowers, so that your customers can add it when putting the flowers into water. If you want to receive some of these samples please contact us so that we can arrange this.

Miscellaneous Bulbs Poster

VWS has made an new poster with several miscellaneous bulbs which form part of our delivery program. If you are interested you can download the poster here. And if you would like to recieve some posters, please inform our sales managers.


New storage room at VWS

Here you can see an update of the expansion at VWS. We are building a new storage room which contains 1200m2 storage and cooling capacity.

7744.jpg 7754.jpg
7764.jpg 7782.jpg


VWS is participating in several big shows this year.

You still can book free tickets for both shows and pick them up at our company or we can send them to your hotel. Please contact your salesmanager for further details. We hope to meet you at the shows.

dinsdag 21 september 2010

Crop news Lilium (21-09-2010)


At the moment there is little offer in the market.



In Holland different growing circumstances can be seen :

South Holland:
In general less rain, so that less problems occur and better healthy crop results can be expected.

East Holland:
In this part of Holland relatively much more rain has fallen, in some cases even double the quantity than in southern Holland, so that you can notice more botrytis. In some cases even water damage to the bulbs can be noticed, but so far only incidentally.

Central Holland (Northeast Polder):
As for the amount of water (rain) in this area the situation is somewhere between the two other ones.



We expect that the crops of good condition will give good harvest results, provided that the weather remains favourable to growth until mid October (approximately 70% totally). The crops in which botrytis can be found will die off two weeks too early and show less growth (approx. 30% totally).


At the moment the growers are busy harvesting the longiflorum lily bulbs, mainly White Heaven. The results look good and the bulbs are still dormant. The circumstances in France have been less extreme than in Holland, so that the condition of other varieties, especially Oriental ones, are better than in Holland. A normal till good harvest can be expected.


VWS is participating on several big shows this year.