woensdag 8 december 2010

Latest crop news Lilium 2010

Lilium crop 2010

At this moment the growers are not able to harvest because of the frozen ground. A top layer of 5 till 8 cm is frozen. Some growers have covered their land with straw, preventing the frost from entering the soil. These parts of land can be harvested when it is not freezing during the day.
In week 47 the growers had been fully busy harvesting the bulbs because of the expected frost. These bulbs have been processed and the growers are now forced to cease their activities, because they cannot go on harvesting.
Some growers have covered their land with straw.

lelier_rooien_001.jpg We estimate that approximately 30% of the Oriental and OT bulbs is still in the soil.

This does not need to be a problem when it stops freezing - let’s say - at the end of this week, so that the growers can proceed harvesting next week, but the meteorological service does not predict thaw at short notice, so we will have to wait!

The harvest of Oriental and OT bulbs, as well as LA and Asiatic types, keeps on falling short; especially large deficits of size 18/20 + 20/22 and incidentally of size 16/18 can be noticed.


Open Greenhouse day will be "Dutch Lily Days"

The top 15 of lily companies in the Netherlands are organizing one big event: the Dutch Lily Days. From 24 until 28 May 2011 these 15 major companies will open their greenhouse, a perfect chance to see the new and existing lily varieties in bloom at all different companies in one week time!

The lily parade at the Keukenhof that will be held from 12 till 20 May 2011 is a good opportunity to see the lilies flowering as well, but the Dutch Lily Days will absolutely be a great occasion to see much more. The successful trade fair of suppliers in our branch, held at VWS since 2008, of course will be part of the Dutch Lily Days.

For now you can take a look at for more information.

Coming Events

VWS will participate at the:

61st Mechanisation Exhibit
on 4, 5, 6 and 7 January 2011

4 January 2011 13:00 h till 21:30 h
5 January 2011 13:00 h till 21:30 h
6 January 2011 13:00 h till 21:30 h
7 January 2011 10:00 h till 18:00 h

For more information about the Mechanisation Exhibit or tickets please contact our sales department. For more events, check our website.

More Events

Keukenhof 2011 - March 24 till May 20
Floriade 2012 - April till October 2012
IPM Essen