woensdag 26 januari 2011

Dutch Lily Days 2011 - Official launched 26-01-2011

26th january 2011, (KickOff - Dutch Lily Days)

VWS is one of the participants. More info click here !

The Dutch Lily Days are now official launched with a official website. The biggest lily companies in Holland have decided to work together during their open day's.

"Dutch Lily Days" from 24th May till 28th May 2011 - Don't miss it !!!

maandag 24 januari 2011

Latest crop news Lilium/Gladioli/Tulip 2010-2011

Lilium - Crop 2010

The growers are still busy harvesting the last bulbs. The circumstances are very difficult. After the beginning of the thaw and resuming harvest, we have had a lot of rain so that the growers are not able to work on every piece of land because of the damp soil.

Given the circumstances the quality still remains reasonable. Mostly it concerns planting material that is still in the soil (proportion available/planting material = 1:2). The trade continues unabated at higher prices compared to pre-purchasing. Since the beginning of January the flower prices are good.

Lilium Crop 2011

Steps have been made in the most popular varieties at a somewhat higher price than pre-purchasing of lilium crop 2010.


Gladioli Crop 2010

Due to the less results in all cultivation areas the prices have risen and a large assortment is already not available anymore.


Tulip - Latest cropnews

The tulip growers have been able to plant under reasonable circumstances. Just before the beginning of the early winter the tulips had been planted.

The flower prices in the Dutch auctions are good. During the first weeks of January less tulips were brought due to the late harvest time, but now that supply is much more, prices remain stable as well. In the bulb trade mainly relation lots and special varieties are being sold. The Dutch forcing companies have also bought quite a lot of bulbs. In our trial greenhouse the first tulips are already in bloom, as you can see on the picture.


VWS winst first price at the Mechanisation Exhibit

The Mechanisation Exhibit was held the first week of January and VWS was rewarded for the best stand as newcommer at this event. We would like to thank all our visitors at our stand during the exhibition. VWS made a good start in 2011 !



Lenteweelde Obdam - Feb. 4 till Feb. 6 2011
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Lentetuin Breezand - March 3 till March 7 2011
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Flower Parade 2011 - 16th April 2011
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Keukenhof 2011 - March 24 till May 20
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Dutch Lily Days 24th May - 28th May 2011
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Floriade 2012 - april till october 2012
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International Floraculture Trade Fair - 2 till 4 november
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vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Nieuwe koelruimte bij VWS Import – Export of Flowerbulbs B.V.

Nieuwe koelruimte bij VWS Import – Export of Flowerbulbs B.V.

07 januari 2011

Eind november vond bij VWS de oplevering van de nieuwe koel-, vries- en preparatieruimte plaats. Door het strakke bouwschema is de bouw in slechts drie maanden gerealiseerd. Met de nieuwe ruimte van circa 6.000 m3 – met koelcapaciteit voor 50.000 kisten leliebollen – kan VWS nog beter voldoen aan de grote vraag uit de markt van geprogrammeerde bloembollen.

Bovendien is de interne logistiek veel efficiƫnter geworden, o.a. door de nieuwe aanleverroute naar de achterzijde van het bedrijfspand. De ruimte beschikt over een eigen losdeur. De warmte die vrijkomt van de koelmachines in het nieuwe complex wordt gebruikt voor de verwarming van de kassen.