maandag 27 juni 2011

Latest crop news Lilium/Gladiolus/Tulip 2010 and 2011

Cropnews Lilium 2010

The flower prices in Holland vary between moderate and good and the trade is rather quiet. The forcing-companies determine per planting what they need and they do not make a long term plan. Until now the plantings are equal to the number which has been planted in 2010.

Cropnews Lilium 2011

The nurseries have done a lot of pre sale in autumn 2010 and in spring of 2011. The nurseries are a bit reticent because of the frost damage in the east of Holland and the drought of April and May. First they want to see how the crops will come out. Due to the world wide unstable situation, the trade abroad is rather quiet and waiting for developments.

Cropnews Gladiolus and they have been only a little affected by the drought. So far the crop results are normal to good.

Cropnews Tulip 2011
The harvest of the tulips crop 2011 has started again. The growers in Zeeland are already fully busy with harvesting and processing; the harvest results are quite good. The varieties which are a little older and a few early and early-double varieties have been growing much less than last year. The growers who have watered less during the prolonged drought have a considerable lower yield. In other breeding areas they started harvesting Darwin Hybrids and the smaller plant sizes. The harvest results here are also quite normal. However, the skins show some more cracks in them because of the abnormal growth due to the changing weather conditions. Generally will be expected that it will be a fairly normal harvest. At this moment the trade is reticent and also the growers want to see how the harvest will come up.