woensdag 20 juli 2011

Lilium Statistics 2011

Lilium Statistics 2011

In the statistics you can see a extension in: LA (167Ha +21%) OT (23Ha +9%) and Asiatic (2Ha + 0,5%)
The Oriental shrinks with -2,3% to 33Ha.

The biggest extension in LA are the varieties: Serrada, Litouwen, Nashville, Indian Summerset, Golden Tycoon, Advantage and Eyeliner. You can find the total statistics below or download the PDF here.
Please see our earlier newsletter about the frost damage, which can be of influence on the numbers.

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Latest crop news Lilium/Gladiolus/Tulip 2011

Cropnews Lilium 2011

The crops are 2-3 weeks earlier than last year at the same time, the growing circumstances are good. In the beginning after planting the crop has gone through a very warm period, by which its development has been accelerated; later on the climatic circumstances have been more or less normal. The flower heads have been removed and from now on the bulb growth really starts.

The problems with lots with frost damage about which we informed you before, can be better estimated now because the differences between the plants which have continued growing despite of the frost damage at the bottom of the plant and plants that stay behind because the growing point in the top of the plant has been frozen so that the plants permanently stay behind, are much more visible.

Test planting new varieties Gladiolus

Cropnews Gladiolus 2011

The position of the gladioli crop is also 2-3 weeks ahead compared to last year with a slightly shorter and stronger crop. The growing conditions are good, the bulb growth starts from now on.

Tulip Info Cropnews Tulip 2011

The growers are very busy harvesting the bulbs. The harvest of this year can be called highly variable. In mostly the older assortment large decreases can be noticed. The growers are busy peeling and delivering the quantities already sold.

At this moment the growers are careful with reselling the bulbs, because first they want to have a clear insight into the quantities they still can offer.

They also expect to be able to make a higher price because the crop results are more disappointing than expected at first. The demand from the export stays behind compared to last year.