dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Tulip 2011 - Short news

The flower trade of tulips is at a very sharp price level already from the start of the season. Last week a small recovery could be observed because of the increasing demand in connection with Valentine’s Day. Due to the wintery conditions the so called street trading does not sell any flowers. The expectation is a price improvement in the period towards Women’s Day on 8 March. The quality of the tulips can be called good. Because of the early season, more flowers have been brought to the auction than in other years.

The final planting prognosis has not yet been published but last autumn probably less tulips have been planted for bulb production. Varieties such as Yokohama and Monte Carlo show a considerable shrinkage in area. The tulips have been planted under good circumstances, but the period after planting has been very warm and dry, so that some growers had been forced to irrigate their lots to obtain  well rooted bulbs.  At this moment most of the lots are covered with a layer of snow and Holland is suffering by a strong frost period, so we are not sure how the tulips will get through the winter.