dinsdag 25 september 2012

Iris Flowerbulbs Poster

New Iris poster
VWS has extended the Iris program with alot of new varieties

and a new website on which soon several extra Iris information
will be added. (click here to see)

Like all our products we always make beautiful sales supporting

products like brochures and posters.

For the Iris varieties we have made a complete poster with all the

varieties available at this moment.

If you like to receive some posters please contact our
sales managers,
visit our stand during the IFTF or download a small version here.WS: THE WORLDWIDE IRIS SPECIALIST !

Download the Flowerbulb APP "all new varieties up to date"
 (last update 14 September)

Click the button for your device or go to the GooglePlay Store
of AppStore and search for flowerbulbs. After the first install
you need to update to get all data and next you update your app
every month to be sure you have the latest varieties and cultivar info.

woensdag 19 september 2012

Test Greenhouse VWS (second planting)

0442.jpgTest Greenhouse
(second planting)

In our test greenhouse the second trial of this year is flowering. New gladiolus and lilium varieties are being tested.

All the info we collect during those tests is added to the varieties on our website and in our Flowerbulbs App (download)

With all the info from our test greenhouse we are able to help our customers on all fronts with their cultivation. Every lot that goes to our customers is being tested to ensure our perfect quality !

woensdag 12 september 2012

IFTF 2012 Update

9484web.jpgThe third edition of the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF Expo) will be held from Wednesday October 31st to Friday November 2nd. It will be the industry wide event serving all segments of the floriculture industry chain: from breeders, propagators, technical & service suppliers and growers, to exporters, wholesalers and retailers. It is all about buying, selling and informing within the floriculture chain.

VWS is present for the third time with its complete sales team, to show lots of new varieties and inform you about new business opportunities. VWS offers you the entrance tickets, click here for your tickets..