vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Free Flowerbulb APP from VWS Flowerbulbs

The renewed flowerbulbs app from VWS is updated again. Like we do every month, almost 1000 varieties are now visible in the app. Lilium, Gladiolus, Iris and Tulip flowerbulbs and cultivar info is there for you ! The latest bugs in the IOS version are fixed and we made the app also available for all new IOS versions. We are allready working on the next version which will be much easier to select the group of cultivar you want. Download the free app in the GooglePlay or AppStore and enjoy it ! or go to our website for the latest info

dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Cropnews Lilium 2012

Cropnews Lilium 2012 (France / Netherlands / Chile)

In France the longiflorums have been harvested. The results are okay.
The growing season has been favourable in France. The vegetation of
the Orientals and OT varieties is still looking green and will have to grow
for at least 2 to 3 months more.


Locally the vegetation of the Asiatics and LA is dying of already, which
 is a normal phenomenon for this time of the year. Until now also in the
Netherlands the growing circumstances have been favourable. The orientals
and OT varieties are still looking green but also here you can see a sufficient
enlargement of the bulbs. The night temperatures are going down so the
dying process of the bulbs will start in the coming weeks

Here some pictures of the scales in Chile:
i. summerset&beau soleil.jpgscales october.jpg

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