maandag 29 december 2014

VWS Flowerbulbs, the tulips in our greenhouse are now flowering

At this moment the test lots of the tulips and narcissus are flowering in our greenhouse. We are ready to start a colourful New Year and we wish the same for you!

vrijdag 5 december 2014

Lilium crop new 2014

At this moment the bulbs are being supplied at VWS and in the meantime we are getting a good idea of the total harvest results of crop 2014. Of some varieties we see that the harvest of the smaller sizes is lower than expected, while it concerns the bigger sizes of a few other varieties. It is a difference of around 25% compared to the expected quantities.

Unfortunately we also noticed that more lots are showing a high percentage of PlAMV. These lots are being intercepted during our extensive incoming goods inspection and they will be returned to the grower. Hereby we can guarantee our clients that they will receive the highest quality possible.

Rinsing and packing
Meanwhile most of the lots have been delivered at VWS and we are rinsing the bulbs at full strength. The quality of the bulbs is good and because of our automated rinsing and packing machines (by which our lilies are being processed and packed with the highest care) we can supply our clients high-quality flower bulbs.

dinsdag 2 december 2014

Potlily website with all available potllilies!

Pot lilyVWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs BV launches an brand new website on which you can find all pot lilies together at one place. Asiatic pot lily, Oriental pot lilium and the Longiflorum lilies from which VWS have an exclusive variety.

This exclusive potlily will be baptised during the Dutch Lily Days in June 2015. Till than you only can guess the name...

Have a look on the new potlily website here: Pot lily website

maandag 10 november 2014

VWS participates at IPM Essen 2015

This year VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs BV will participate at the IPM Essen 2015. Togheter with Hilverda de Boer, Buurman Planten, Barendsen en Dames Plants, VWS shall exhibit in the stand of VGB. A new way of participating and collaborate. VWS presents their big and also exclusive assortment of pot flower bulbs, like lilies and tulips.

We hope to see you at our stand 27 till 30 januari 2015. More info:

The international trade fair for plants (IPM ESSEN) is the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture.

It is the only specialist trade fair of its kind to cover the entire value chain of plants, including production, technology, floristry, garden features, and the point of sale. No other plant fair offers trade visitors such a comprehensive market overview and so many multifaceted novelties.

At the next IPM ESSEN, taking place from 27 to 30 January 2015 in Essen, more than 1,500 exhibitors from 50 countries and trade visitors from more than 100 countries are expected once again. The international trade fair for plants is represented with additional events in Moscow, Dubai, Beijing and Bangalore.

vrijdag 7 november 2014

The best stand at the IFTF 2014 !

IFTF 2014 - Update from VWS Flowerbulbs

VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs and Total Systems provided this year a stand in which techniques and production came together. A unique experience for all the visitors of the IFTF 2014. The most discussed booth resulted in a large number of visitors from around the world.

donderdag 30 oktober 2014

LILIUM crop 2014 (UPDATE)

Crop 2014: the Longiflorum lily bulbs have been harvested and processed. The results are normal. A start has been made with harvesting and processing of LA and Asiatic bulbs. There is no clear picture yet about the yield. Fact is that at the moment there is much demand on the market for the better breeding assortment in LA and Asiatic types, especially the colour yellow.

At VWS the first lots have been delivered and we have started rinsing the bulbs. The quality is good. By means of our automated washing and packaging lines, where the lily bulbs are again processed and packed with the utmost care, we are able to deliver high quality bulbs to our customers.

Besides that we like to announce that today we launched a new website where we have collected all the pot varieties which we are offering at this moment. A fully mobile compatible website which is responsive to the screen size of the device you have.

Take a look on: 

donderdag 9 oktober 2014

LILIUM crop 2014

 At this moment the harvest of lilium crop 2014 has started. Longiflorum varieties like White Heaven ® have already been harvested. In week 43 the harvest of the LA Hybrids will begin. For your information the Exclusive varieties Creil ®, Espel ® and Sylt ® are growing well at this moment. We expect that the flower bulb production will be good. The Oriental flowerbulbs are still green which means that they still need some time to grow before they can be harvested.

Furthermore we have updated all the varieties on our website. You can see the latest and actual varieties that are available. Simultaneously we have updated the entire Flower bulbs App, all varieties out of production have been replaced by the latest assortment. See the links to your app or play store at the bottom of this post.


dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Bloembollenbeleving Bulbs4Kids: leuk én gezond

Het is wetenschappelijk bewezen dat spelen in en met een natuurlijke omgeving bijdraagt aan een evenwichtige en gezonde ontwikkeling van kinderen. Daarbij komt dat kinderen veel van de natuur leren, zeker als ze er zelf mee aan de slag gaan. Door zélf bloembollen te planten, leren ze bloembollen spelenderwijs van dichtbij kennen. Bulbs4Kids is een nieuwe campagne voor kinderen op de basisschool met als doel kinderen op een laagdrempelige, spannende manier kennis te laten maken met de natuur.    

Groen is gezond!
Steeds meer onderzoeken bevestigen de positieve invloed van natuur op de gezondheid. Met name bij kinderen. Ook draagt spelen in de natuur bij aan hun ontwikkelng. Het maakt kinderen creatiever, slimmer én fitter. Alleen is de afstand tussen mens en natuur door de verstedelijking nog nooit zo groot geweest als nu. Bulbs4Kids biedt daarom klassen op de basisschool aan samen bloembollen te beleven via een bloembollenpakket. Het pakket Bulbs4Kids is een compleet lespakket, inclusief een gevarieerd assortiment bloembollen. De kinderen planten de bollen samen in de schooltuin of in een bloempottengalerij. Zij zien dan met eigen ogen hoe de bollen uitgroeien tot schitterende bloemen.    

Meedoen met de hele klas
Deelnemen aan Bulbs4Kids is heel eenvoudig. Lodewijk Hoekstra, groenexpert en bekend van onder andere Eigen Huis & Tuin en Greenkids, legt het uit in deze video. Docenten kunnen hun klas gratis inschrijven t/m 30 september op De klassen krijgen dan begin oktober het gratis bloembollenpakket toegestuurd.

De Gouden Bloembol
Aan Bulbs4Kids is een leuke foto- en videowedstrijd verbonden. Dat maakt het planten van de bollen nóg spannender! De hoofdprijs is de Gouden Bol 2015, uitgereikt door presentator Lodewijk Hoekstra van Eigen Huis & Tuin. Lodewijk zal bovendien een inspirerende les over bloembollen voor de winnende klas verzorgen.   

Initiatief iBulb
Bulbs4Kids is een initiatief van iBulb, het promotieorgaan voor de bloembollensector. Deze promotie wordt gedaan in opdracht van ruim 85 bedrijven binnen de bloembollensector die ruim 90% van de handelsomzet vertegenwoordigen. Het doel is om via wereldwijde PR en advertentiecampagnes het gebruik van bloembollen, bolbloemen en bol-op-pot internationaal te stimuleren. Voor meer informatie kunt u kijken op


woensdag 23 juli 2014

Statistics Lilium & Gladiolus 2014

Statistics Lilium 2014

It seems the statistics are showing an expansion of 20%, but this is incorrect.

For various varieties incorrect values have been noted for the surfaces, with deviations from 10 – 15%. Also there are varieties of which 10 – 30% is not suitable for export, for the bigger varieties we then speak of 40 to 150 HA.

Reading these statistics require extra attention and if you would like more details per variety, please contact us.

2 YEAR REST 2014
SIBERIA ORI 0,21 10,5 0 229,98 0,13 11,52 51,41 187,55
SORBONNE ORI 0,36 6,78 0 194,69 0,2 11,38 40,11 159,02
LITOUWEN L-A 0 2,62 0 102,75 0,03 3,49 0,18 108,42
ROBINA O-T 0,05 3,74 0 94,94 0,03 1,44 17,8 93,8
CONCA D'OR O-T 0,13 1,09 0 85,12 0,18 2,58 29,18 73,85
BRINDISI L-A 0 3,74 0 64,4 0 4,85 0,37 67,8
TRESOR ASIATIC GR 0,08 5,78 0 62,2 0,03 6,07 4,31 58,37
TIBER ORI 0 2,15 0 58,95 0,01 3,25 11,88 57,2
PAVIA L-A 0,02 1,37 0 47,7 0 2,17 0,85 52,48
SANTANDER ORI 0,22 3,67 0 56,22 0,14 2,4 16,16 49,07
YELLOWEEN O-T 0 0,86 0 43,24 0 1,22 8,59 40,65
NASHVILLE L-A 0 5,24 0 41,29 0,03 5,7 0 40,63
INDIAN SUMMERSET L-A 0 0,99 0 32,44 0 1,04 0 39,79
ORIGINAL LOVE L-A 0 3,72 0 45,29 0 0,85 0 36,43
MARLON ORI 0,01 0 0 33,03 0,06 0,77 3,86 35,18
CRYSTAL BLANCA ORI 0,03 1,12 0 39,54 0 1,72 10,82 34,79
STARFIGHTER ORI 0 1,95 0 25,58 0 3,01 0,84 31,82
WHITE TRIUMPH L-O 0 2,66 0 21,21 0 4,3 0 30,86
HONESTY L-A 0 0,36 0 18,42 0 1,21 1,62 27,55
RICHMOND L-A 0 3,08 0 19,4 0 2,91 0 27,17
BRUNELLO ASIATIC GR 0,03 3,4 0 21,97 0,03 2,9 0,54 26,75
LAKE CAREY ORI 0,07 3,5 0 28,04 0,03 2,19 9,06 25,5
RIALTO ORI 0 1,2 0 29,59 0 0,48 5,23 24,63
STAR GAZER ORI 0 1,01 0 28,04 0 1,32 4,28 24,43

5,03 222.68 0 3382,89 4.92 253.29 478,03 3210,33

>>> Download the complete statistics here <<<


Statistics Gladiolus 2014


CULTIVAR GROUP 2013 KR 2013 KN 2014 KR 2014 KN
PRISCILLA LARGE-FLOW 4,57 29,01 3,58 20,56
TRADERHORN LARGE-FLOW 3,09 32,73 2,49 18,65
MAGMA LARGE-FLOW 3,5 8,5 3,83 15,7
PETER PEARS LARGE-FLOW 2,76 17 1,82 14,83
WHITE PROSPERITY LARGE-FLOW 5,32 11,84 11,48 14,16
ADVANCE LARGE-FLOW 2,15 12,13 3,52 10,74
BANGLADESH SMALL-FLOW 2,24 15,48 0,96 10,4
GREEN STAR LARGE-FLOW 2,07 13,96 2,35 9,9
CALLIANTHUS WIT 0 0 6,49 8,71
NOVA LUX LARGE-FLOW 2,79 22,23 1,45 8,58

127,16 734,51 125,13 630,79

>>> Download the complete statistics here <<<

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Lilies backwards & Forwards

Flowers& Magazine made a good story about lilies. During the Dutch Lily Days, author Bruce Wright. Lilies backwards and forwards. Where lilies come from and where they're going to.

See here the full story:

maandag 14 juli 2014

Dutch Lily Days lily week moved forward to June

The 4th edition of the Dutch Lily Days took place in May this year. 16 lily breeders and exporters opened their doors and welcomed international customers and relations. To better serve this important group visitors the organization of Dutch Lily Days have decided to change the date of this annual open house to the 2nd to 5th of June in 2015.
Lily growers from all over the world, large and small, visited the participants greenhouses in Holland to check and compare hundreds of lily varieties. The information obtained is used to decide what varieties to grow in future and how to schedule plantings.
Evaluation remains importantThe evaluation of the Dutch Lily Days in 2014 recently took place. Concusion: lots of visitors were happy and impressed. The 16 participating companies, which simultaneously held their open house, were pleased with the number of visitors.

Quantity and quality of visitors increases
More people have visited the Dutch Lily Days than last year. The participants were particularly positive about the quality of the visit. "You always talk about the quality and quantity of your visitors. Therefore, we are pleased with the Dutch Lily Days on both fronts and across the board". "The cooperation between all participating companies during the Dutch Lily Days becomes more and more entrenched worldwide”.

Fifth anniversaryDutch Lily Days
In 2015, the Dutch Lily Days celebrates its fifth anniversary. VWS hosts the opening ceremony on Tuesday 2nd June with an spectaculair program. VWS also presents their own lily which is named by one of our clients. Special attention is given to the visitors who have already announced to be present. Very important for them is to see more blooming Oriental Hybrid Lilies. This is a very important group of lilies. Several Oriental varieties are late blooming and therefor difficult to show these in bloom late May. "Therefore, the participants have decided to move the Dutch Lily Days to June,"  "In 2015 we will be hosting the Dutch Lily Days during June 2nd and June 5th and we’ll be able to show even more products to our national and international visitors”.
Dutch Lily DaysFlower Trials
By moving the Dutch Lily Days a week ahead, this event will now take place the week before the Flower Trials and makes it easier for international travelers to visit both events. Participants of the fifth edition of the Dutch Lily Days are Van den Bos Flower bulbs, De Jong Lelies, Bot Flowerbulbs, Laan Flora Facilities, Lily Company, Mak Breeding, Marklily, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, The Originals, C. Steenvoorden, GA Verdegaal, Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan, VWS Flowerbulbs, World Breeding, Zabo Plant and Royal Van Zanten.

For more information about the Dutch Lily Days you can also visit If you want to plan your visit pleas contact our salesdepartment. Tel: +31 226 331050 or

dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Tulips from France...

Tulips from France

For many years VWS Flowerbulbs also grow tulips in France.  This is done under contract with a local grower with whom we are collaborating for many years already. We are continuously  controlling the growing over there. Several times a year we are visiting the fields over there  during the growth to check the quality and the stage. Also samples of the soil are taken several times to guarantee the quality.

When the tulips are flowering we are present with selecting and cutting of the vegetation. After we have seen that the bulbs have grown sufficiently we control the harvesting and arrange the transport to Holland. This will of course be done after a correct treatment and drying period. The cleaning of the bulbs is done in our own warehouse after which the bulbs will be placed in our coldstores after which they can be ordered by the different customers all over the world who can enjoy an earlier flowering bulb than the Dutch bulbs. The only thing that still has be done is washing of the delivered bulbs to be sure that the bulbs are clean without any deviations.

French tulips
Meanwhile the French tulips of crop 2014 have been harvested en cleaned. The quality looks okay of for example the following varieties: Strong Gold, Ile de France, Lalibela, Ad Rem and Clearwater. These are varieties which we already grown in France for a longer time. Like every year the French crop is earlier than the Dutch crop. Also this year the French crop is two weeks earlier.  On the basis of the good quality we can determine that the bulbs have enough capacity for a good flower and that they can flower before Christmas.

donderdag 26 juni 2014

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Cropnews Tulip 2014 + Lilium showroom

The tulips on the fields are still growing well.In recent times it has been perfect tulips weather,not too hot and with regular showers. The harvest of the early varieties has begun in The Netherlands. The tulips from France have already been harvested and will be delivered at VWS.The crop looks well

(download the Tulip poster 2014 here)

Liliums still flowering in our presentation room

Several test varieties, new varieties and current assortment which we show all year long.



maandag 16 juni 2014

Betekenisvolle lelie voor je bruiloft

Op een mooie en vrolijke bruiloft horen bloemen. Maar het is best een lastig karwei om de juiste bloemen te kiezen uit zoveel soorten. Wel eens gedacht aan lelies? De lelie is een bloem vol betekenis. Vanuit de hele wereld waaiert de symboliek van de lelie over. De eerste verhalen over de bloem dateren uit de tijd van de Grieken en Romeinen, die hun bruiden een kroon van lelies gaven. Anno 2014 staat de lelie symbool voor vrouwelijkheid, liefde en zuiverheid, drie belangrijke elementen in een huwelijk.

Het zijn vooral de vorm, de verscheidenheid aan kleuren en het zoete parfum die de lelie het symbool van vrouwelijkheid hebben gegeven. De betekenis ‘vrouwelijkheid’ was al in het oude Egypte van toepassing op de lelie. In de tijd van de Grieken en Romeinen kregen de bruiden een kroon van lelies die de hoop op een puur en vruchtbaar leven uitte. Een ‘lelieblanke huid’ was eeuwenlang een teken van maatschappelijke status.

In de stijve Victoriaanse tijd ontwikkelde zich een geheimtaal voor geliefden en anderen die hun gevoelens niet onder woorden mochten brengen. Het was de taal van de bloemen: Floriografie. Elke bloem kreeg een betekenis, een code. De Romeinen gebruikten de lelie vanwege haar welriekendheid in kussens en dekens. Lelies verspreiden de geur van de liefde. Bij het ontvangen van deze zoetgeurende bloem, wist men het zeker: ‘dit is mijn minnaar’.

Witte lelies worden vaak op bruiloften gebruikt als teken van maagdelijkheid en zuiverheid. De witte lelie wordt ook wel Madonna-lelie genoemd en is vaak te zien als religieus symbool in combinatie met de maagd Maria.

Voor een prachtig en uniek boeket zijn lelies zeer geschikt. Met de elegante lange stelen en sierlijke knoppen kun je een bijzonder bruidsboeket maken. Een lelie arrangement in bijpassende schelp waarmee je het boeket kunt vasthouden zal zorgen dat de bruid, zoals het hoort, de hele dag in het middelpunt zal staan. Is het jouw dag (en die van je aanstaande) maar past bescheidenheid beter bij je? Met lelies kun je ook fijnere bruidsboeketten maken.

Wil je op je bruiloft uitpakken met een echte eycatcher? Iets waar iedereen van versteld zal staan en nog lang na de bruiloft over zal praten? Creëer dan een kroonluchter van lelies. Het behoeft niet veel werk en geeft een magnifiek resultaat. Aan een kroonluchter, welke vaak aanwezig is op een trouwlocatie, worden de stelen van witte lelies omgekeerd opgehangen. Een andere kleur lelie kan natuurlijk ook, ze zijn er in allerlei kleuren. Het mooiste is voor een kleur te kiezen welke binnen het thema van je bruiloft past. Andere eyecatchers waar lelies enorm goed tot zijn recht komen zijn leliedecoraties in de kerk, op de auto of op de feestlocatie. Met lelies kun je de decoraties klein en fijn te houden maar je kunt ook groots uitpakken.

Cropnews Iris 2014

Latest news letter: Cropnews Iris 2014. This year the irises have flowered two weeks earlier than normal and have almost finished flowering now. The crop looks well.


Download the Iris Poster 2014

donderdag 5 juni 2014

VWS ‘National Public Champion for the Netherlands’ in European Business Awards

BROEK OP LANGEDIJK, the Netherlands:  Dutch bulb supplier VWS Export – Import of Flower Bulbs B.V. from the Netherlands is delighted to have been named National Public Champion for the Netherlands in the 2013/2014 European Business Awards.

Sponsored by RSM International, the leading global audit, tax and advisory network, the European Business Awards recognises and rewards excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across the European Union.
The 2014 competition engaged with over 17,000 businesses in 31 countries this year, to find ten finalists (‘Ruban d’Honneur’ recipients) in each of its ten Award categories. In addition, 30 businesses that received the most votes in each country from a two-stage public vote have been named National Public Champions. This year’s public vote generated over 93,000 votes from across Europe. In the public voting, VWS received the highest number of votes for The Netherlands.

All of the Ruban d’Honneur recipients and National Public Champions celebrated at a Gala Event held at the Westin Astir Palace Resort, Athens in Greece on 27 May, and ten category winners and one European Public Champion were announced in front of an audience of over 250 business leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe.
In the 2013/14 competition, the seventh in its history, all EU member markets were represented plus Turkey, Norway and Macedonia and their combined revenue exceeded €1 trillion, generated profits of over €50 billion.

Commenting on the company’s National Public Champion title, Mr. Piet Sijm, President of VWS said, “We are extremely proud to be named the National Public Champion for the Netherlands. The European Business Awards is widely recognised as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies. ”

VWS Export and Import of Flowerbulbs BV, stands for reliable quality and is an B2B trade company in export, import and wholesale of the best programed flower bulbs and more worldwide. Its top selling products are Lilium, Gladiolus, Iris and Tulipa. (source FloraCulture International)

donderdag 22 mei 2014

Dutch Lily Days 2014 (update)

From all over the world people, clients and press visiting the Dutch Lily Days. At VWS Flowerbulbs its bussier than ever before. All continents allready paid their visit. Mostly for the outstanding lily show but also to look at other varieties the are selling like; irises and tulips. This year VWS has an tulip show with about 100 varieties flowering and the most sold irises are also fress from the cultivation areas in The Netherlands.

Tulip show

LA / Asiatic varieties

122 pot varieties in Reception Room

Lots to see

Flowering tulips in hot mid summer day...

Florian Seyd (flower arrangements)

Interactive workshop

Arie Peterse - presentation

Thanks to Denkers, Maersk and BonTrans the tulips stay cool