vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Statistieken Tulpen & Iris 2013-2014 beplante oppervlaktes (voorlopig)

Voorlopige statistieken voorjaarsbloeiers Tulpen en Iris. Voor de volledige
lijst klik hier (download PDF)


Cultivar Groep 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014*
STRONG GOLD TT 503,63 541,31 568,36 586,44
LEEN VAN DER MARK TT 451,46 446,8 435,62 402,81
PURPLE PRINCE EVT 219,28 235,76 247,35 263,42
PURPLE FLAG TT 176,19 192,61 217,02 226,62
ILE DE FRANCE TT 332,58 268,49 228,58 218,65
BEN VAN ZANTEN TT 205,13 211,84 192,33 192,92
DEBUTANTE TT 145,96 141,05 148,92 154,58
WHITE MARVEL TT 123,17 141,01 132,58 142,16
DYNASTY TT 117,28 113,56 119,97 133,32
SILVER DOLLAR TT 111,93 114,81 121,7 126,61
CANDY PRINCE EVT 57,46 81,83 104,26 125,55
VIKING DVT 160,94 157,23 143,2 119,64
CHRISTMAS DREAM EVT 94,6 104,55 110,77 115,27
YELLOW FLIGHT TT 163,09 149,55 133,37 114,57
JAN SEIGNETTE TT 88,72 94,42 105,4 111,31
LEO VISSER TT 87,51 93,8 98,83 110,11
SEADOV TT 129,05 114,41 113,98 105,61
FIRST CLASS TT 51,17 58,08 73,42 90,55
KUNG-FU TT 88,05 90,82 91,15 90,3


Cultivar Groep 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014*

BLUE MAGIC PAARS 96,34 84,81 80,4 88,53
TELSTAR BLAUW 48,5 40,66 36,18 35,45
DISCOVERY A/MKL 16,52 15,22 13,01 11,11
HARMONY RET/H 9,89 9,05 9,58 10,34
CASABLANCA WIT 8,59 7,94 6,12 5,47
HOMMES BLUE BLAUW 6,64 8,11 4,59 4,49
APOLLO GL/WT 5,45 5,16 4,97 3,3
HOLLAND MAGIC BLAUW 0,34 0,67 1,8 3,25
PIXIE RET/H 1,77 2,23 2,4 3,15
MISS SAIGON GL/WT 2,58 2,2 2,71 2,92

Totalen :

Gewas 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014
TULP 10581,33 10451,71 10193,26 10196,64
NARCIS 1686,89 1683,04 1637,72 1468,32

1292,70 1146,72
IRIS 292,75 271,71 241,39 239,26
CROCUS 365,60 372,24 375,83 427,07
ALLIUM 177,93 203,39 217,32 213,58

31,37 21,04
CHIONOCOXA 24,13 22,45 25,39 26,28
HYACINTHOIDES 15,89 15,74 12,92 14,31
MUSCARI 190,15 188,62 172,48 159,97
NECTAROSCORDUM 8,25 7,00 6,46 6,10
PUSCHKINIA 7,34 5,74 5,92 6,32
SCILLA 30,02 22,02 24,99 30,12

Eindtotaal alle gewassen in ha 13380,28 13243,66 14237,75 13955,73

dinsdag 21 januari 2014

VOTE VWS to become European Public Champion


Thanks to all who have voted the past weeks, you voted us to the final round. We are thankfull to you for making us the Natioal Public Champion of The Netherlands. Now we are competing for the final award the:  “European Public Champion” and therefore we need your votes again... Your vote is for the company on wich you are proud to do business with and also to give the whole flower bulb branche a good boost !  Underneeth this mail you can read the official press release. Thank you for your votes !!!

When the image is not working please use this link:

How to vote:
Click the image or link above, you will be redirected to the voting page. At the right you can cast your vote. HOW? Fill in your e-mail adress en click the VOTE button. A mail will be sent to the adress you used. In this mail you will find an confirmation link you have to click to count your vote. This e-mail can be delivered in your refused or infected mail box. When you see an error at confirming it is possible to click at the upper left of your screen and find: LOG OUT, now you can fill in your e-mail adress and the password wich also was written in the confirmation mail. This is also the way to vote with more than one mail adres. Click the LOGIN button and you will see the confirmation that your vote has been casted.c

The best way to get as many votes as possible is to share this mail with your family, friend, neighbours, well known people, coleges and more... or to share the link in your own and business social media channels.


dinsdag 14 januari 2014

VWS Flowerbulbs - National Public Champion for The Netherlands

14 January 2014, Broek op Langedijk

VWS Export – Import of Flowerbulbs B.V. from The Netherlands has been named as the National Public Champion for The Netherlands in the 2013/2014 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM international following the first round of the public vote.
The European Business Awards is an independent Awards programme designed to recognise and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community.

In the 1st phase of public voting, over 70,980 votes were received for the video entries, and VWS got the highest number of votes for The Netherlands. It was chosen out of 375 other businesses, and is one of 30 National Public Champions announced today from countries across Europe.

The second public voting phase opens today and runs until 25 March 2014 and will result in the company from across Europe with the most votes being announced as the European Public Champion at a Gala Event on 27 May 2014 in Athens. Cast your vote here:

Mr. Piet Sijm, President of VWS said; “We are extremely proud to be named the National Public Champion of The Netherlands, the European Business Awards is widely recognised as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies. We are now looking forward to the next round and would like to encourage as many people as possible to visit our video and vote for us.” 

VWS: your partner in business !

VWS Export and Import of Flowerbulbs BV, stands for reliable quality and is an B2B trade company in export, import and wholesale of the best programed flower bulbs and more worldwide. Our main products are: lilium, gladiolus, iris and tulip.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “We were extremely impressed by the very high standard this year and we have been delighted by the public response to the videos. In total more than double the number of votes were cast this year than last. It is great to see so many people engage with the awards. Well done to VWS and we wish them well in the second and final round.”

Quote from RSM

The European Business Awards connect the best in Europe across borders, business size and sector and celebrate excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and best practice. For more information and review the video entries please visit EuropeanBusiness Awards.

woensdag 8 januari 2014

VWS in goodiebag Lily Smile Taiwan

At the Lily Smile Taiwan, organised by Formosa Horticulture Group, the goodiebags were filled for the visitors. Big flower bulb exporters from Holland like +VWS Flowerbulbs  helped with the content of the bags.
Flowerbulbs from Holland

vrijdag 3 januari 2014

Dutch Lily Days 20-23 May 2014

The first preparations are made for a succesfull fourth edition of the Dutch Lily Days. New heating systems in our greenhouse and screens to control the amount of sunlight and for keeping the warmt in our greenhouse. So we can be sure that our whole greenhouse is flowering with the newest and import assortment of lilium flowerbulbs.

Reed more about the succesfull Dutch Lily Days here: