donderdag 30 oktober 2014

LILIUM crop 2014 (UPDATE)

Crop 2014: the Longiflorum lily bulbs have been harvested and processed. The results are normal. A start has been made with harvesting and processing of LA and Asiatic bulbs. There is no clear picture yet about the yield. Fact is that at the moment there is much demand on the market for the better breeding assortment in LA and Asiatic types, especially the colour yellow.

At VWS the first lots have been delivered and we have started rinsing the bulbs. The quality is good. By means of our automated washing and packaging lines, where the lily bulbs are again processed and packed with the utmost care, we are able to deliver high quality bulbs to our customers.

Besides that we like to announce that today we launched a new website where we have collected all the pot varieties which we are offering at this moment. A fully mobile compatible website which is responsive to the screen size of the device you have.

Take a look on: 

donderdag 9 oktober 2014

LILIUM crop 2014

 At this moment the harvest of lilium crop 2014 has started. Longiflorum varieties like White Heaven ® have already been harvested. In week 43 the harvest of the LA Hybrids will begin. For your information the Exclusive varieties Creil ®, Espel ® and Sylt ® are growing well at this moment. We expect that the flower bulb production will be good. The Oriental flowerbulbs are still green which means that they still need some time to grow before they can be harvested.

Furthermore we have updated all the varieties on our website. You can see the latest and actual varieties that are available. Simultaneously we have updated the entire Flower bulbs App, all varieties out of production have been replaced by the latest assortment. See the links to your app or play store at the bottom of this post.