woensdag 21 oktober 2015

General harvest expectations lily 2015

In the North East Polder the growth is good till normal, although harvest of the medium sizes will be certainly less than last year because of too many large sizes, but nevertheless the estimated quantities that have been sold by the growers will be available in general. LA bulbs in other parts of Holland have grown somewhat less, due to too early withering of the plants caused by the humid growing conditions, so probably we will have some shortages.

In general the growth of OT looks normally, there are no peaks in the big sizes like last year.
the material which has been planted much later, or less rain at the initial growth.
We can now clearly see that OT types grow much easier compared to the oriental varieties.

Cropnews Tulip 2015

At this moment the harvest and the processing of the tulips is in full speed. Due to the cold spring the tulip bulbs are harvested around 7 to 10 days later than normal. It is expected that the stadium G will be much later than last year also, but we will know this exactly over around 4 weeks.

Generally the bulbs have grown well and the skin of the bulbs is looking good. The trade of the tulips is going well; the surpluses are traded rapidly.

Iris cropnews 2015

The irises are reasonably well this year, although the plants are a bit shorter than usual because of the cooler weather. In recent weeks it has hardly rained, so that the growers have to water the plants regularly.