donderdag 17 december 2015

Tulip crop 2015 (update)

Flowering tulips in greenhouse At this moment the latest test of tulips from crop 2015 in our greenhouse starts to flower.

Current market situation

Most of the tulip growers have been able to plant their planting material under good circumstances. Business is already being done for 2016, especially in the popular forcing assortment.
At the flower auctions ice tulips and southern hemisphere grown tulips are being sold. The prices are normal and stable.

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woensdag 9 december 2015

New website for VWS Flowerbulbs

As a Christmas gift to you we proudly present our new full responsive website.
When the needs of your customer change, then you have to go along with your company. For many years already, VWS has an answer for everything and is continuously renewing in accordance with our customers' wishes.

Again, VWS has realized a website which is equi
pped with the latest techniques and possibilities, of course including the current and newest range of flower bulbs. We believe it is worth mentioning that 90% of the visual material has been made by ourselves.

woensdag 2 december 2015

Lilium crop 2015

In general the harvest of the large sizes of both LA, oriental and OT varieties is disappointing up till now.
At this moment the biggest problem is the relatively warm and wet weather. Due to the high temperature, the new sprout in the bulb already starts to grow, which is no problem in case you can dig up the bulbs in time, but because of the heavy rains, the growers cannot enter the field and they are forced to wait until it gets dry and the water level drops.
The point is that in the coming days still rain is expected and the growers are unable to continue harvesting and processing the bulbs yet.