dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Flowerbulb App - VWS Flowerbulbs

The free “Flowerbulb app”, do you have this app already?


This “Flowerbulb app” is a handy, unique app which gives lots of information at a glance. All pictures and information of the actual and newest assortment Lilium, Gladiolus, Tulips and Iris have been gathered in this app. After installation, all the about 1800 different varieties are available offline. In case there is no internet connection… problem, the VWS-app always works, even offline.

Who is it for? Not only our salesmen use this app on a daily basis: breeders, buyers, agents and customers all over the world make use of it as well. At one glance only you are able to see how the final product will look like, on a clearly picture but also with one click all the needed product information will appear on the screen.

The objective information comes from the results in our testing greenhouses where all varieties are being planted at least once a year. The “Flowerbulb app” is available for IOS and Android and is downloadable for free.