maandag 23 januari 2017

Tulip Trade Event gets ready for second edition 2017

Tulip Trade EventThe new brochure is currently being distributed among a large network of business relations, and the eight participating companies are getting ready for the second Tulip Trade Event. Especially the international business relations were, after the first edition in 2016, very enthusiastic about the joining forces and the combined visits to the tulip bulb exporters. The preparations have already started for the second tulip event planned for 15 to 17 March 2017.

The Tulip Trade Event was taken as a great excuse by the participating companies to invite local and Dutch business relations to the open days. Talking about the lovely tulip bulbs that the participants export is easy with a stunning display of flowering tulips in front of them.

Tulip tells the story

‘To other countries, tulips are still one of the primary symbols of the Netherlands. By inviting all our international business relations to the second Tulip Trade Event, we want to allow the tulip and the bulbs to tell their story,’ explained Mark Nelis, chair of the Tulip Trade Event and one of the participants. The diversity in the assortment is huge, and the cultivation options are equally wide-ranging. This collaboration of eight tulip bulb exporters and the display of their available assortment are appreciated both nationally and internationally.

VWS Flowerbulbs at Tulip Trade Event

Advice about assortment and cultivation

Experiences from the first edition confirmed this. The event stimulated valuable conversations, in terms of the assortment and cultivation advice. Nelis clarified, ‘You start something because as a group of companies you expect there to be some interest in it. You receive signals from outside your circle, and you would like to welcome business relations to your company. We were pleasantly surprised with the connections made between various buyers with each other to discuss their questions about cultivation and assortment issues. In addition, at the request of our business relations, we moved the date of the Tulip Trade Event to just after International Women's Day.'

Participating companies

The second Tulip Trade Event is being held on 15 to 17 March 2017. The participants' business relations have been actively invited to this next edition. Naturally, other interested parties are warmly welcome to visit P. Aker, Amsonia, Borst Bloembollen, Haakman Flowerbulbs, Holland Bulb Market, Nord Lommerse, P. Nelis and VWS Flowerbulbs.

dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Mart 40 years of service at VWS Flowerbulbs, a unique milestone!

Recently VWS has organized a very successful surprise party to celebrate the jubilee of our manager Mart Pepping  of 40 years of service at VWS. For many years Mart is daily managing the warehouse and in those 40 years he has contributed a lot to the innovation within the company.

We congratulate Mart with this milestone!

VWS is proud of its people, of which some are loyal to the company for many years. The continuity of the company and hence the quality, are guaranteed by these loyal employees. It radiates not only reliability, but also shows that VWS is a great company to work for!

donderdag 12 januari 2017

Tulip Trade Event 2017 - 15 to 17 March

Tulip Trade Event 2017 place it in your agenda!

www.tuliptradeevent.nlTulip breeding will be highlighted for three days during the Tulip Trade Event. From 15 to 17 March 2017, exporters and breeders countrywide will hold their open days at the same time. The Tulip Trade Event is already set to become the business promotional platform for the tulip sector.

It will be particularly convenient and efficient for overseas business partners, who can easily view the full product range of all their potential trading partners in the Netherlands in just a few days.

Are you looking for more information about who will be participating? Would you like to plan your trip? Then click here

Tulip Trade Event conquers the Netherlands!

A diverse range of businesses from some parts of the Netherlands will participate in the Tulip Trade Event. The map clearly indicates the location of the various exporters and breeders.

This will enable you to arrange your visit to the Tulip Trade Event and help you plan which companies you would like to visit.


Lilies in storage at VWS Flowerbulbs

The cooling cells gradually fill with packed lilies at Vws Flowerbulbs and all lots easily to find with our own developed highly advanced barcode track and trace system.

VWS Flowerbulbs