maandag 27 maart 2017

Lily cultivation continues a rising trend with 7th Dutch Lily Days

The collective presentation of Dutch lily cultivation has secured a fixed position on the international calendar. This is an obvious conclusion to be drawn on the eve of the next Dutch Lily Days. Six years ago, prominent players in the lily market linked their annual open days under this label. For the 7th edition on Tuesday to Friday, June 6 - 9, an international group of visitors is  expected to visit the 13 participating companies.

Dutch Lily Days

This year as well, the Dutch Lily Days follows the successful formula of previous  years. Spread out over the Netherlands, 13 major lily breeders and traders  open their doors to visitors. Their primary focus is on the new additions to the assortment. Each year hundreds of new varieties are introduced  throughout the available range. Especially the growth in the double-blooming segment is striking in  Orientals, OT’s, Asiatics and LA’s.

Global interest

Each year the interest for this event increases from around the globe. This joining of forces of the most important parties in the Dutch market and thus the international market has created another spin-off. Partly due to the success of the Dutch Lily Days, lilies are receiving great international promotion. This in combination with the continuous breeding of new varieties, lilies have retained the image of a contemporary, trendy flower.

Official start

The official start of the four-day event will be held at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs in Honselersdijk. In total thirteen companies are participating in the 7th Dutch Lily Days,  from Tuesday to Friday, June 6 - 9. For the convenience of international  visitors, the Dutch Lily Days end just as the FlowerTrials® begin.

dinsdag 21 maart 2017

Dutch Lily Days 2017 at VWS Export Import of Flowerbulbs BV

6 till 9 June 2017 you have to be in The Netherlands for the Dutch Lily Days

As you are already familiar with there is a lot to see at VWS Flowerbulbs during the Dutch Lily Days. This year we don't have the sea container but an even bigger tulip show for you...

The Dutch Lily Days is organised by 13 renowned lily companies in a collective trial. During your stay you can visit all the participating companies.

The Dutch Lily Days is dominated by the lily trial greenhouses. The lilies can be judged and compared. The newest varieties are mostly flowering at all participants during the Dutch Lily Days.

For prospective and existing flower growers the The Dutch Lily Days are a perfect opportunity to see what we have to offer and how we test and guarantee the quality. It is also possible to compare the already known varieties wit the newest varieties. The entire teams of sales and purchase is especially prepared for you this day.They can tell you more about the newest varieties showed that day.